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Avishek Choudhury

Assistant Professor - Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

Choudhury is a recipient of the Paul Kaplan Award, the Fabrycky-Blanchard Award and the Excellence Doctoral Fellowship for exemplary academic performance, excellence in research and promise in the study and practice of systems engineering.

His research interests include patient safety, artificial intelligence, cognitive human factors, neuroergonomics and clinical decision making. Overall, Choudhury's research is established around cognitive human factors + artificial intelligence + healthcare research. He strives to implement the science of human factors and systems thinking to integrate artificial intelligence into clinical workflow. In his view, patient safety and AI performance might not complement each other. Therefore, his research investigates beyond the algorithmic performance of AI and humanize the technology to foster better usability and adoption.

A part from academic research, Choudhury collaborates with several international not-for-profit organizations across the globe, particularly in low income countries, to address some of the issues under the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL (public health issues and digital divide concerns) using the science of human factors and artificial intelligence.


Ph.D., Systems Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, 2022

M.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering, Texas Tech University, 2017