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Alan McKendall

Associate Professor - Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

McKendall has taught courses in the areas of mathematical programming/optimization (i.e., operations research, linear programming, and integer & heuristic programming) and production systems (i.e., facilities layout/materials handling and supply chain management). He has also taught special topics courses in information systems/technology. His research focus is on the development of optimization and data analytics techniques for designing, redesigning, or analyzing systems (e.g., production, logistics, scheduling, data collection and analysis systems). More recently, he has developed mathematical models and metaheuristics for solving large-scale logistics problems as well as performed program evaluation tasks for NIH projects.


Ph.D, Industrial Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1999 

M.S., Industrial Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1996 

M.S., Applied Mathematics, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1994 

B.S., Mathematics, Southern University at New Orleans, 1990